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Ton Java Generator on Softpedia

My university group assignment from last year just got added to Softpedia, I guess that’s what I get for leaving it on GoogleCode.

More authentication experiments

This time there are two. Both use tomcat as that is what my group has asked me to investigate, however one is standard HTML where as the other uses WebSockets. Both are hosted on my home server so don’t expect speed 🙂 The username/password combo is again admin/admin.

Without WebSockets: (Offline)
With WebSockets: (Offline)

Also the sources for both:

Overall though I still think I prefer the java applet for this assignment. It took 4 hours to implement the applet including research, and then about another 3-4 to do the plain HTML, and then another 1 to figure out sockets with Tomcat. However I believe the only reason the applet took so long was because I made the code neat and did planning beforehand, but with the HTML bases examples I didn’t know what I was doing so just jumped straight in, and it actually went fairly well.

CS124 Assignment

So with the CS124 assignment finally complete, with minimal work from my group. Here is the finished product.

CS124 assignment update

I’ve had a meeting with someone from the group and at least got an email back from one other.

Anyway, code wise what’s new is that I’ve rewritten a lot of the class selection and dragging system, it’s now much neater.

Also I’ve added some colours to it and replaced those horrible rectangles with rounded rectangles. I’ve also added the name of the class inside it which if too long get shortened to fit in the box under the variable sensibleName xD Why anyone would want to have a 20 char class name is mad anyway.


Group project

So the group project was going well until sadly, Jon had to leave university due to health issues. However as far as I know he’ll be coming back eventually. So as a result I’ve been put in a group with 3 other people. Who, with 2 weeks until the deadline, have not even met once. 2 of them haven’t even bothered responding to emails from the one member who does seem to want to work.