I’m a massive fan of Minecraft and spend far too much time on it.

Originally I started off playing the vanilla Minecraft like everybody else back in the good old days of 1.5 before they had enchantments, potions and “The End”.
Which in my opinion are all a bunch of crap.

Then I moved on to create my own Minecraft server which was interesting for a while but really not that much fun, because lets be honest when you can cheat easily, you will.

After a while I started discovering all these new mods that add massive functionality, with tons of new blocks and items.
My favourite one being IndustrialCraft which adds electricity, ways to generate it and many ways to use it. And everyone’s favourite, the Nuclear Bomb.

My second and third favourite mods respectively are BuildCraft and RedPower. These mods are all becoming highly integrated and merging into one sort of super-mod.
But my one criticism of this is that they often instead of spending time developing integration spend their time taking the other mods idea and implementing it in a slightly different, incompatible way.
However their are plenty of Modders out there for these Mods.

Most recently I’ve come across ComputerCraft which essentially adds computers into Minecraft that are fully programmable in Lua inside the game. This mod has replaced all of the functionality from RedPower excluding the cables which can be used to link the Computers together to make a supercomputer inside of Minecraft.
Could this be the solution to Minecraft within Minecraft?


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