Chocolate Koala Image Viewer

This is an image viewer that I’ve been casually working on in Java, it’s not done, but it has all the features I had initially planned implemented.

The image viewer works on a database system where a user can scan in a folder of images and then apply tags to these images. Then they can search for these tags to find relevant images.

Other features:

  • Slideshow
  • Fullscreen
  • Removing duplicate images
  • Find missing files
  • Removing dead files
  • Selectable databases
  • Exporting images
  • Deleting images
  • Setting slideshow time

Download Links

Command line usage
Launching with the parameter -db and then specifying a database file will make it use that file. (eg java -jar chocolatekoala.jar -db data.ckd)
Launching with no parameters and just a file name will cause it to scan all the images in the directory the image is in and then display that image. (java -jar chocolatekoala.jar image.jpg)
Launching it without anything causes it to create a database file in the directory it was started in.

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